The cheese is manufactured from raw milk of Manchega sheep. It is obtained daily by our producers of the D.O. Manchego Cheese using milking machine. The milk is maintained refrigerated in special tanks until its daily collected .

The milk is moved to the vat where it takes place the processes of curdling and cut. For this process milk is warmed and maintained a constant temperature during 45 minutes. The curd obtained is cutted successively into small cubes until they reach the size of rice grains approximately.

Then the curd is drained to eliminate the whey by shaking and heating the mass in order to facilitate it.The mass obtained in that way is used to fill the cylindrical molds which have the typical embosses of the Manchego Cheese, thats mind , the lateral “pleita” and in the plain faces the “flor”.

For identification as D.O. Cheese (denomination of origin), we proceed with the placement of the casein plaque, “identity card” of Manchego Cheese, placed in one of the flat faces. In this way each piece is individually identified.

Once the curd is in the molds, they are pressed to facilitate the complete removal of whey from the interior of the mass. After the mold release, the cheese is submerged in brine during 24 hours. Finally, the cheese goes to the drying room where its will lose moisture after this the cheese pass in the ripening rooms under conditions of controlled temperature and humidity allowing the correct ripening of Manchego Cheese.